Reading # 1: "Why do we all make projects though none of us really like it?"
The introduction to project-making in culture.

Time: February 28, 2014 at 6 pm
Venue: CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, ul. Jazdów 2
Seminar introduced by: Kuba Szreder

Reading excerpts of The New Spirit of Capitalism by Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello, and Creativity and other Fundamentalisms by Pascal Gielen.
Download the texts: +here

The seminar is conducted in the framework of the project by Martha Rosler "Guide for the Perplexed: How to Succeed in the New Poland"

In cooperation with Free/Slow University of Warsaw, Bęc Zmiana Foundation and CCA Ujazdowski Castle

Free / Slow University of Warsaw reactivates its popular cycle called Readings for Artworkers. This year the seminars will address the poverty of project-making and project-makers. We will focus on the social form of the project as a way or arranging cultural production in late capitalism, which impacts the lives of cultural producers, and formats their activities and products. We will analyse the internal contradictions of the project-based mode of production, in which flexibility is matched with precarity, short-termism with lack of organizational stability, freedom with competition, glamour with poverty. Our discussions will be based on collective readings of crucial contemporary texts, mostly unavailable in Polish, tackling socio-economic aspects of cultural production in late capitalism. Readings will not only provide an opportunity to discuss those theories, but also to exchange experiences and collectively reflect upon life and work of contemporary cultural producers. 

Our first meeting will be devoted to analysing the genesis of project-making as the networked mode of cultural production. We will discuss fragments of Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello’s book illuminating the role of projects in the emergence of the new spirit of capitalism. We will also read a chapter from the new book by Dutch sociologist Pascal Gielen who dissects the impact of project-making on the global art world. 
Next editions of Readings will tackle such themes as: creative industries and artistic mode of production; competition in the art world and artistic dark matter; artistic poverty and precarity; biopolitical labour and the sabotage of artistic production; art as a common good. 
The series will be convened by Kuba Szreder, one of the founding members of F/SUW, 'independent' curator and art theoretician. Seminars will be attended by special guests, artists and intellectuals. Texts can be found on the F/SUW web page: or requested via email addressed to Every seminar will be preceded by a short introduction of the discussed text and its general context. 
"Guide for the Perplexed: How to Succeed in the New Poland" is the new project developed by Martha Rosler for the CCA in Warsaw focusing on life in contemporary Poland. Meetings, discussions, and performances will be held for the duration of the exhibition. Visitors are invited to participate in Town Hall-style public meetings facilitated by activists, educators, and experts. These discussions will address the following issues: Gender, or How to be a woman in the new Poland; Housing; Labour; Debt; How to be an artist in the new Poland; Environment and Industry; Migration; What should be placed inside the new Jewish museum?; and Should there Be a Polish colony on Mars? (Polish National Identity). The task at hand is to confront existing processes—including economic, cultural, and ideological — that shape social and political reality. The open space of the exhibition has the capacity to become a site of formulation of different answers, collective and individual, in the form of debates, lectures, informal counselling, and referrals. 
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Realised in the framework of grant awarded by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.